Essential Features of a Mobile Website for an Automotive Business

A website is highly beneficial for any automotive business, as automobiles are one of the most popular products searched for on the Internet. Although a website can be a good promotional tool for these businesses, the quick rise in mobile device sales and increase in mobile Internet use has generated a new need and opportunity to reach customers. In fact, mobile websites are proving to be quite valuable for every business interested in maintaining and then expanding its customer base.When developing a mobile website business operators have to be a bit more creative considering the limitations of mobile devices. Unlike PCs, phones have limited screen space, no key board, no mouse, and less bandwidth. With that being said, creating a mobile specific site that provides value and functionality within to the above said constraints is crucial in order to continue reaching current and potential customers.Below highlights the specific features that should be included in an automotive business’s mobile website.Mobile friendly design – minimum content and graphics: The design of a mobile website specific to an auto business should maintain focused content. Include only specific information related to the vehicles which is useful to the customers such as unique features, price, deals, and follow-up services. Owing to the less screen space of the mobiles, images of the vehicles should be made small and of low resolution. Avoid or limit the flash animations, videos, columns and navigation so as to give a cleaner look to the website. This also facilitates quick and easy loading.Additionally, you can even add a click-to-call button to your mobile website. This directly initiates a call to the business, creating a great opportunity for lead generation.SEO – for mobile search applications and engines: It isn’t enough just to be accessible through mobile search engines. Your automotive business should be visible when potential customers search for your products and services. Remember, search engines operate differently for traditional websites and mobile websites. Bots and algorithms used for mobile search engines are different from those used for traditional search engines. Hence it is necessary to optimize the website for mobile access.You need to concentrate more on automotive-specific meta tags, title tags, and keywords in your description of the vehicle. This improves your brand visibility and also gets potential customers through mobile search.You can even optimize your website for local search which will enable your business to appear when the customer is looking for auto dealers or services within a specific area or through their GPS units.Incorporate links in social media and blogs: Almost all Smartphone or mobile device users are active on social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Taking that into consideration, it’s a good strategy to incorporate sharing capabilities and access to all of these social platforms from your mobile website. Additionally, take the time to create fan pages so that your auto business is reinforced through multiple marketing channels. Since social media and blogs are strong marketing tools, your online mobile presence will be effectively felt by the customers. However, make sure that these features are small so that they don’t inhibit the loading of your mobile website’s pages.You can even give access to your existing automotive blogs by installing specific plug-ins that will automatically customize the normal blog for mobile users.High browser compatibility: Generally, an automotive business’s mobile website is very complex due to the number of vehicle models, specific features pertaining to each one, and the variety of auto services offered. Any number of these features can make the site difficult to load. In addition, not all mobile phones support the same format for downloading the content. Lastly, make sure that your auto dealership’s mobile website is compatible with browsers used by different phones like Android, iPhone, etc.Mobile users are becoming more and more dependent on mobile sites and applications as these provide instant access to information, deals and product research. Hence, it is necessary for any company, but particularly one in the automotive business, to develop an improved, simple, and yet functional design for their mobile website so as to enhance the user experience and engagement.

Simple Home Improvements For Your Kitchen to Make it Like New Again

In many households the kitchen is a very busy place. That’s one of the reasons when looking at a home improvement job your kitchen is usually the first to come into mind. If your household is anything like mine the kitchen is more of a living room. Everyone just seems to start in the kitchen and when they get there they don’t leave. If you want to improve your kitchen there are a few simple things you can do to make it look like new again. And forget about any major kitchen construction here. Although there is a time and place for that, but most of the time all your kitchen needs is a little loving.The first place to look when starting a home improvement on your kitchen is the walls. Many times a fresh coat of paint will really liven up the place. Maybe even a completely change of color if you want to get bold. The nice thing about a fresh paint job on your kitchen is that it is very inexpensive and a lot of times a kitchen is very easy to paint. One of the reason is because there just isn’t a lot of surface area because of cabinets and what not. Usually a fresh paint job can be done in just under a few hours and leave you feeling like you just did a complete renovation of your kitchen.The next area I would look at in your kitchen improvement is the flooring. If your house is older and does not have hardwood floors in the kitchen this is the way to go. I know a lot of homes have the very cheap tile like floor lining. It’s very functional but sometimes an eye sore when you look at it too long. What I would suggest is a nice larger tile for your new kitchen. This usually does not involve major construction to your kitchen as long as you pick a reliable contractor in your area. And if you’re a go getter you can even do it yourself. This process is not as hard as you may think. All you need to do is get some instructions online and don’t cut any corners.My favorite home improvement for your kitchen is your cabinets. If you have the budget to get new ones then by all means have at it, but for the do it yourselfers out there you can fix up your old ones with a very little budget. I would recommend a new stain or paint on your cabinets to make them look like new. If you’re not experienced with cabinets I would get a family member or a contractor to take them down, but this will be very inexpensive.When you look at these quick kitchen improvements one by one you might think they are small and irrelevant, but I promise once you start going with these your kitchen will feel like new again. And the best part of these home improvements for your kitchen is that they can be done on a shoe string budget.

Structured Settlements: How You Sell Samuel Towers

Selling A Structured SettlementAs we have seen in other articles in this series, a structured settlement could turn out to be inadequate to meet your financial needs. The question of selling the settlement comes up in this context.You have heard that people do cash out settlements. However, the wording in your settlement agreement might give a different impression. The restrictive wording would seem to prohibit any transfer of the settlement.All this could lead to confusion, at a time when you are in urgent need of lump sum cash. In this article, we seek to remove the confusion and explain the process of cashing out your structured settlement.You Are Not Selling the SettlementThe settlement was an agreement between you and insurance company (or other party). It is typically executed to settle a claim you made. If the insurance company settled the claim by purchasing an annuity in your favor, the annuity itself belongs to the company. You cannot sell it.
On the other hand, the settlement confers a right on you, the right to receive a future stream of payments. This right to receive payments is your asset. Like any other asset, you do have a right to sell this asset.How Do You Sell A Structured SettlementWhile you are entitled to sell your right to receive future payments, the law makes selling structured settlements somewhat difficult. Such settlements and annuities are considered better for the financial security of most persons. Hence the law encourages such settlements and discourages their sale for lump sum cash.In such a situation, you proceed as follows:Consider what you want to use the lump sum cash for. You would have to explain how a lump sum of cash serves your interests better than a stream of payments extending over years.Locate a buyer that specializes in buying structured settlements. Business firms known as structured settlement factors do this. We look at the qualifications of a good buyer at the end of this article.Get a quote from the buyer for buying out your settlement payments. Buyers typically discount the future payments to a “present value” and give their quote based on this value.If you accept the quote, ask the buyer for a pro-forma contract, showing the terms under which they would buy your payments. Review it with your attorney.Return the accepted pro-forma to the buyer. Reputed factoring firms would then check that the whole transaction is likely to be approved by the court and that all legal requirements have been met.The firm would then file an application in a court to get an appointment to review the transaction.On the date fixed by the court, you will appear before the judge and answer questions on why you want to sell the settlement. Other interested parties might also put questions to you. Explain to them how your interests are better served with a lump sum of cash.If you deal with an experienced and competent factoring firm, the settlement sale would most likely be approved.The factoring firm pays you the agreed sum within a few days of receiving the court order.
Selecting A Structured Settlement Factoring CompanyEnsure that the buyer of your payments is:Financially sound and able to meet their payment obligationsExperienced in the field and could attend to all legal formalities.Deals up front with you and do not seem likely to cheat you with too small a lump sum or in other ways.